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I know people were being killed and I feel bad but this was one of my favorite scenes from the finale!

Liam/Rae? →


So as everyone get’s their feels all sorted after this soul crushing episode of My Mad Fat Diary, I noticed that there were still Liam/Rae shippers after ep5. I actually am a bit disturbed by that. Honestly I’ve never shipped them together. Not because I adore Finn, but because he really is not a…

So I write here not often because my english isn’t very good and I can’t express myselfe in english as good as in my native language. But I would like to say something about it.

To make it immediately clear I am not a Liam/Rae or Finn/Rae shipper -  I think both pairings problematic.

It’s not about whether I like Liam or not.

With which I have a problem is that you give Liam the sole fault. Don’t understand it wrong, I don’t say it’s Raes fault, I think  both screwed this situation up!

I do not know where to start - ahhhh!

Most of us want loving, understanding, considerate, and yet “manly” men. In reality that is so unlikely as if we would fly to Mars in the next decade.

I don’t mean it angry or bitter. The very simple fact is boys and girls / men and women think and feel differently.

This is good, otherwise many things were boring (I admit that many things would be easier).

First of all, the kiss.

You need two to kiss and Liam has not pushed her to the ground by force and kissed her, right?

I will not say that it was right, definitely not.

However, when considering the situation ….

Both were emotinal, Liam had a panic attack and Rae stood by his side, which creates closeness. Then they sit together and smoke a joint.

Everyone who made experiences ​​with pot (and I don’t mean those who have tried it once and found it shit) know that you feels much different, that you sometimes search for physical contact.

I mean to justify nothing because a) I think young people (particularly with mental health problems) should not smoke pot b) you don’t kiss a friend, especially if you have a girlfriend.

But as I said Rae could fight back the kiss for different reasons. But she didn’t.

In this sense - yes Liam kissed her, but Rae has kissed back.

Both fucked up.

Ok and now to 2x05 

What really annoys me is that you completely ignore what Liam says after the kiss of Rae.

Analogously, he tells her that he doesn’t want it and he thinks she is not a girl for casual sex!

Certainly his choice of words could have been “nicer”. But on the other hand, Rae could have for five minutes  think about what he has told her. She immediately understood it wrong and believed he thinks she is an inexperienced little girl.

He didn’t say that. I think that he wanted to express the fact that she is a person who needs the safety and security of a relationship. She (currently) is not ready for casual sex, not because she has no experience, but because she can’t deal with the feelings.

If it had stuck with that you would probably say  Liam is not a “good” friend, but he at least has not done anything wrong.

I know we all love Rae and even if she fucked up. And I can quite understand that you see her in the “victim” role.

But not only Rae is mentally ill, Liam too. And the only thing we know about Liam is that Kester concern about the friendship between Liam and Rae. We don’t know why Kester thinks so and we do not know wich problems Liam has.

If you, in any other situation, would see a young man between 17-19 (Liam is not much older as Rae) with mental health problems, then you would not expect that he goes rational and straight through his life.

That you don’t even expected by an “healthy” teenager!

I wonder why you regared Liam and Rae so different?

Because he’s a boy?

Because Rae is mental?

I do not think that Liam has done the right thing, but I can understand him.

Rae comes to him and says that she wants to have some “fun”. He has before said clearly that he doesn’t want a girlfriend and she can only expect casual sex from him. He told her that from the beginning, so she has known it.

Of course she looks sad and maybe he would have better cooked tea - quite sure better.

But sometimes sex helps to get your head free.

So there we have both, both with their own difficulties, Liam with more experience as Rae, but both teenagers and both don’t know how to talk to each other in this situation.

Let’s look at this for a moment from the perspective of Liam .

A friend comes over and says she wants sex. You told her that you don’t want a relationship and you think that it is not right for her. But she came back. Both of you have problems with your parents, with your friends and especially with yourself and there are so many things that can be really crappy on a day. Sure you can see that she is sad, maybe she had another fight with her best friend. Your father has you, only shortly before (like almost every day) humilated, told you that you’re not worth more like a pile of shit, then he’s in the pub to get drunk, like every day. The only thing you want is a little bit acknowledgment. And maybe you have just found out for yourself that you can boost your self-esteem through sex. You know that Finn is her ex boyfriend and you feel ashamed of your body, you don’t look as good as him. That’s why you say it’s best not to undress because no one wants to see such a body, you hope she understand it.

We don’t see more. We don’t know what happened. Maybe Liam revenge for the bj, maybe not.

Of course Liam has used Rae. But Rae has also used him.

She wanted to gain experience and she was too cowardly to do with Finn. Yes I understand her reasons, I understand too well. But therefor go to a human wich looks in her eyes “harmless” because he might know how she feels, is not right!

Finaly, Liam has treated her as Rae wishes it from all others. He has taken her decisions seriously, he treated her like an adult. He didn’t say that she would be too young or too mental for that.

This was a very big mistake. But it is wrong to give Liam the sole guilt.

I can understand that you would prefer to pack Rae in cotton wool and  would showerher with your love - I feel exactly the same way!

But it doesn’t work that simply. Only because she will get hurt, you can’t give the other person the sole guilt.

I know at that age sometimes anything feels like the apocalypse.

Sometimes everything is so intensiev that you hardly can endure it.

But it gets better and you learn from the mistakes you make.

And quite honestly rather she make this mistake with Liam as with that guy  in the toilet! Because no matter how shit you think Liam is, if Rae had said no  then he would have stopped - I think so.

Because he cares about her - even if it looks sometimes a bit strange.

Think about it like that - casual sex is (still) not for Rae.

Ticked Off.

Next round.

I hope you could understand reasonably well what I wanted to tell you

My thoughts on Liam and to make it short - I’m a RaexFinn shipper!

For once, why are all the same against Liam? He grinned at her and said two sentences - nothing more. He not even addressed them directly at Rae.

Until now, we only know about Liam that he must also have a problem, and (that was my impression) he handles it better like Rae.

Maybe I’m wrong.

Maybe Rae needs someone like him.

Of course, her friends and her mother trying to be there for her.

But if we are honest, the only one with whom she can talk  is Kester. Surely he understands her, but it makes a difference whether you talk to a doctor or with someone who knows how you are when you’re not healthy.

Especially in his presence Rae does not have to play “healthy and happy”.

Yes I know Finn is so careful and understanding, etc.

But fuck it’s Finn, with him she can’t talk about such things because she wants to show him her best side.

Of course it’s nonsense - but remember when you just fallen in love, you would not show your darkest sides on the first date.

So maybe Liam is simply someone with whom she can talk.

And even if Liam in any manner has romantic feelings.

Don’t you think it would Rae do well to know that there are other guys wich thinks she is attractive?

In the end, Rae must decide and as it looks like she’s totally in love with Finn (even if she break up with him).

Dry your tears over the death of Tix.

Maybe Liam is our new Tix and he will now and then kick Raes ass.

Because that Tix has done, she has repeatedly given Rae the power to go on.

I know there are still people who are really “evil”, so let’s hope that Liam is good for Rae.

So and now my last statement and yes I know you love Finn because he is so cute, heroic, quiet and handsome.

But did you take a closer look at Liam respectively Turlough Convery?

I think he’s also a very cute (and much more important for me - bigger).